Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can You Hire Me Now?

Verizon has built its brand on its network. Its size and reliability has turned them into the most successful wireless company in the world. Your own personal brand will take more than that.

LinkedIn and other professional networking can definitely be useful tools especially for initial meetings. Quick lookups can definitely help cure awkward silences during interview and Q&A is essentially an online brainstorm. These can help both job seekers and companies.

I agree a lot with the Fast Company article, "It's Not Just Who You Know." Companies will only hold you as dear as distant facebook friends until you've made a more personal connection. I can't see people getting jobs solely because of their vast network or their ability to network. Your credentials and personality do that, it's only a value added.


  1. verizon and the company i work for (ChangeWave Research) just agreed to a contract last week and you're right until that personal connection is made distant Facebook friends is exactly what you are. doing research before going into one of those closer meetings could make you not only less awkward (huge plus!) but more informed on what is going on currently for the company. this will let them know you are definitely interested in working with them and that it's worth their time too.

  2. I agree with you, your personal brand takes a lot of time to build. One can build their brand through the skills they know, not really who they know which is more about networking.