Monday, February 15, 2010

Rave Alert: We're inseperable from our cellphones

Then again that's nothing new to many of us. Losing cellphones causes greater separation anxiety than separating conjoined twins nowadays. As far as MoSoSo is concerned though, I'm not entirely sold. I thought the point of a cellphone was to be able to socialize when you were mobile. I personally wouldn't want a friend to send me pictures of where they were in order to meet up...enough with the scavenger hunt just call, or more likely, text me. The only thing worse than that is the GPS capabilities between phones. That just screams big brother in my opinion. Combined with the fact that if you don't turn your alarm off the campus police are called? No thanks, I'll take the risk of walking by myself over running the risk of campus security showing up uninvited.

As for the thumb novels, I'll let the Japanese keep them. There's easy enough access to actual content on the mobile internet. And how can you kill a two hour commute with 350-1000 word "novels"? You'd have to read hundreds. I don't see any point in them. If you do, enlighten 140 characters or less.


  1. not going to be able to enlighten you in few enough words. in the same way that plot and characters can't be developed in less that 1000 words.

  2. GPS capabilities on the phone can be helpful in some emergency situations though, but I agree with you that at some point privacy becomes a concern.

  3. I think the mobile innovations of today are simply mind-blowing. I recently found my first cellphone, which was a old clunky samsung that didn't even have a color screen, which was unheard of at the time. Comparing this to my Blackberry, I found that we have certainly jumped ahead technology-wise in the past 5 years. Most cellphones today allow you to do all kinds of things from watching tv, to having a full web experience.