Monday, February 1, 2010

What is this, amateur hour?

So a nobel laureate thinks the internet is making us stupider? I'm going to have to disagree. It's just giving the stupid people a bigger audience. People have been saying things that are lies, or misinterpretations of facts or even completely made up forever. Now however, thanks to blogs and twitter and even wikipedia, these untruths are being broadcast all over the world. The same is true for the correct information as well. You can find something true on the internet just as easily as something false. The internet isn't making us stupider, it's making us more informed for better or for worse.

Also, just because someone isn't formally recognized as an expert in a field, doesn't make them unreliable or wrong. While you need a certain amount of expertise to be regarded as an authority in something, the opposite isn't true.


  1. Everything on the Internet is a lie!

  2. Where to start, because I agree its making us more informed. That I'm fine with the problem is for better or for worse. Why do you want people to be stupider. I know thats not what you meant but I think you shouldn't take these comments or information or just gibberish for granted. Yes everyone is allowed their opinion just sometimes peoples opinion aren't that good. Yes you can ignore, yes you can say their are better ones but why allow for people to get confused or even have a chance to look at that stupid dribble. I want people to use the internet freely but something are better done by the experts, no?

  3. Hey Twinsabers, it's kind of like wikipedia. Everyone is allow their input but the experts (people who work for wikipedia) will make sure it's legit.