Sunday, March 21, 2010

Instant Collaboration

This sounds almost too good to be true. The ability to interact with entire teams, regardless of location at any time and instantly would revolutionize any team-based industry. I'm sure every business traveler would love to use these services instead of dealing with airport security, traffic and all other hassles associated with traveling. I have a feeling that the service Yuugu is only the first of many and that big companies will start developing proprietary systems to avoid service fees.

Applying this same system to government doesn't sound as revolutionary as it does for business, however. Isn't the idea that we are all invited to participate in government anyways? Will commenting on a congressman's blog or messageboard garner anymore attention than writing a letter? Sure it's easier and more convenient but I have a feeling the congressional interns of Government 2.0 will replace "responding" to concerned citizens letters with equally thoughtful responses to these comments.


  1. I certainly agree that writing letters to congressmen would have the best outcome in terms of a specific response but the power of commenting on blogs and using the web 2.0 to interact with your congressman opens up a new and faster way to direct your general concerns towards government officials.

  2. Haha I love this because generally you are right about what you said. I could definitely see it just being over taken by interns and secretaries of senators and house representatives who are too busy to write back to the common man. As for business yea I agree this will be helpful and good for checking up on people. But I shall pose the question to you what will happen to face to face meetings and getting to know people by actually seeing them and not over a video chat.