Monday, January 18, 2010

Who's in charge?

As informal networks grow within organizations, who has more pull? The formal manager still has the power to fire and promote employees but the key people in informal networks are the go-to people for information. I feel like these role players in the informal networks will gain power and influence until they are eventually promoted to formal managerial roles. This will also benefit organizations because the people in power will have risen to their positions through their ability to acquire the information that the company relies upon. they also have the trust of all the other employees around them because they started in the same roles as the people that they are now in charge of. It will also highlight the possibility of upward mobility in a company and reinforce the need for relationship management as well as technical skills.


  1. I agree with your point of view that the person who is in charge within the organizations is not necessarily the leader but the one who others go to seek information. this is quite true because people would feel more confident in them, fostering better relationships and productivity and finally,trust is a very important

  2. I completely agree with your idea that these informal people should become the formal manger roles. They are definitely the right people to look for to do that position. My worry though would be favoritism as well as to much kindness when it comes to friends. These people must remember they are hold key positions that will effect the company and if they decide to let someone off easy with something or look past a bad act that could hurt the company.