Sunday, April 11, 2010

Your Living Profile: The Future Of Social Media

Social media has exploded in popularity in the past 5 or so years. You can use it to keep track and, more importantly, broadcast to the internet all your likes, dislikes and thoughts. Your facebook captures who you are, your twitter keeps people up to date on your thoughts, foursquare tells everyone where you are and how often you go there. In the future, our opportunity for interaction with social media will only continue to increase. With the growing popularity of mobile applications and the incorporation of location tracking methods such as GPS or RFID, it could be possible to know not only what your contact/friend/follower is thinking but where they are. This is definitely interesting and progressive from a data collection and marketing viewpoint, but at what point does it become too much? This line will definitely come up in the near future as social media progresses.

There will also be an increase in demand for people who have the skills to manage all of these social media outlets. Publicists and PR personnel will have to be social media gurus, to keep their clients constantly on our radar. Marketing departments without full-time social media workers will be left in the dust.

Overall, I only see social media getting more portable, more instant and more monetized in the future.


  1. With all the possibilities of future social media it forces us to questions if all these technologies will become to invasive. And even if they are, will we do anything to prevent it?

  2. I agree with Lindsey, what role does privacy play into this and how much of our lives are we willing to share with people? As social media gets more expansive into our lives what do we have to do to keep up with it and not compromise our privacy?

  3. It's interesting that you mention RFID. If you haven't noticed, many card/chip based authorization methods are beginning to move towards RFID. As my boyfriend tells me, the Metro's Smartrip technology is actually RFID based and can be manipulated if the right frequencies and voltages are captured.

  4. Wow well that just frightened me a lot, being a person that loves privacy, if I'm able to be tracked via different technology then their is no point in being private. But I like the idea that this will open a whole new set of jobs and give people new experience with social media technology.